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Service and repair your Vauxhall at FRF motors in Swansea

Servicing and maintenance represent some of the main running costs you encounter as a vehicle owner. With a Vauxhall service plan, you can combine and split these expenses into smaller monthly payments which are much easier to manage than a single lump sum. Choosing a plan from FRF Vauxhall guarantees you even more benefits.

Your Service Plan Questions Answered

What is and isn’t covered by my plan?

A Vauxhall service plan from FRF Motors will include the manufacturer’s full recommended servicing schedule, specific to your model. While it is in our care, your vehicle will also be given a full health check to identify any components that may need maintenance or replacement soon.

Anything that isn’t included in the recommended servicing schedule won’t be covered, such as additional maintenance, adjustments, and ‘wear and tear’ items such as tyres, brake pads and exhausts.

How long will my service plan last and how much will it cost?

The length of your plan depends on the model and its age, and the cost is also determined by the vehicle type as well as your plan duration.

Take a closer look at a Vauxhall service plan and how it can help you to save money by enquiring with FRF Vauxhall today.

Simple, affordable payments

You will pay a fixed monthly amount that won’t rise with inflation, which means budgeting for important servicing tasks is straightforward.

Vauxhall expertise whenever you need it

All servicing and maintenance work is completed by trained Vauxhall experts, using quality sourced parts. Once these tasks are completed, your service book gets a trusted Vauxhall stamp.

Exclusive savings

Signing up for a service plan enables you to enjoy discounts of up to ten percent on ‘wear and tear’ replacement parts, as well as cut-price MOTs.