Parts & Accessories at FRF motors in Swansea

Because we represent Vauxhall, we exclusively use authentic accessories and parts from the manufacturer. These are fitted during vehicle maintenance and repairs, as well as sold separately from the showroom. Our Swansea location is both an authorised dealership and an authorised Vauxhall parts retailer.

Come to us for all components, from oil filters to brake pads and replacement bulbs. Where Vauxhall parts are specific to your chosen model, such as the Astra or Corsa, you can be sure they will fit perfectly. The same applies to all Vauxhall commercial vehicles, including the Combo and Corsavan.

All Vauxhall parts are provided with a 12-month warranty as standard, which is increased to 36 months for batteries.

Practical Vauxhall accessory ideas

It is often advisable to have useful items and accessories stored in your car. These could help you in the event of a road incident or breakdown – whether yours or someone else’s. We keep these and many more Vauxhall parts in stock, so contact us today for availability and pricing.

Please get in touch with FRF Vauxhall to source replacement parts for your car or van. Both of our dealerships in Bridgend and Swansea have dedicated parts departments.