Book your next MOT at FRF Vauxhall

Both servicing centres within our vauxhall dealership network are authorised to perform MOT tests. The testing bay and the team on site are all VOSA-approved, and all mechanics have a minimum of four years’ experience. VOSA monitors our own performance just as thoroughly as we inspect your vehicle. Our failure rates must match national averages – so you know we will be exacting yet fair.

All of the following features and components are checked during the test

Tips for a first-time pass

The ideal scenario is that your vehicle will pass its first MOT. In reality one in every five cars fails the first time. A fail means that the vehicle is legally classified as unfit for road use. We provide a failure document detailing all points on which your car did not pass. Using our handy tips increases your chances of a full pass first time.

  • Check that the tyre tread meets the legal minimum depth of 1.6mm, around ¾ of the width and the entire circumference of the tyre. You should also ensure that all tyres are inflated to the correct level.
  • Confirm that the lights and indicators are working, and have any faulty bulbs replaced.
  • Ensure that the horn works.
  • Inspect the windscreen and wipers for any excessive damage.
  • Make sure the engine oil, windscreen wash and brake fluid are topped up to the correct levels.
  • Come to FRF Vauxhall in Swansea for MOT testing and many other approved services.

We are strictly monitored by VOSA and as with all MOT test stations our failure rates must reflect national averages.

If your vehicle fails the test, it will be because the Government guidelines have been breached and your vehicle is deemed unfit for road use. The VOSA approved technician who carried out the test will give you a failure document detailing what specific item(s) has failed.

Items that failed should be repaired or replaced (we'll give you a competitive all-inclusive quotation for this including parts and labour) and then vehicle will need to be retested. If the repairs have been carried out by us we'll be happy carry out the MOT retest free of charge.​