COVID-19 Update – We are Closed

COVID-19 UPDATE - We Are Closed

We are currently following Government advice and have decided to close the business until further notice. We are monitoring government advice closely and we will update this page here if anything changes...


At this moment in time, there is a lot of uncertainty around but we would like to assure you that our employees and customers are our first priority in this current situation and we have taken the decision to close all of our business departments until further notice in order to help protect staff and customers.

We have limited access to our systems from home and we would like to assure you that if you make an online enquiry with us, someone will try to get back to you within 5-10 working days. (Some cases may slightly differ and if we don’t respond to you, then it is due to the specific department closed completely and there is no one available to answer until we are reopen)

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Car is booked in for a Service/MOT OR Repair, is this still going ahead? Unfortunately, not due to COVID-19, we do not want to put our employees or customers at risk and therefore it will automatically be cancelled.  We will recontact to rearrange the booking when the business reopens.

What will happen if your car, van or motorcycle’s MOT due date is on or after 30 March 2020, including what you need to do to keep your vehicle safe to drive?

From 30 March 2020, MOT due dates for cars, motorcycles and light vans will be extended by 6 months. This is being done to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Find out more by clicking here which will direct you to the Goverment website >>

I have had a recall letter / Safety letter, what should i do? If you have had a letter and you are concerned then you will need to call the Manufacturer directly for advice.

The numbers are as followed - Vauxhall Customer Care: 01582721122 - Mazda Customer Care: 03457484848 - Peugeot Customer Care: 08452001234

I have just ordered a brand new car or Motability vehicle, can I still pick up the vehicle? Our Managers will contact you in due course with any updates they have otherwise, you will be contacted when we have reopened.  If you are worried about a delay regarding your new vehicle then please use our contact form to get in touch and the manager of the specific department will be in touch with you within 5-10 working days..

I have a fault with my car, can you fix it under warranty? We can fix vehicles in warranty when our business re-opens but you will need to contact us when the business reopens. 

What is happening with my direct debits for my Service Plan? All money paid into your plan will be accrued for you to use again when we are open.  We will be open again once the Government announces we are safe to do so and we are following their advice closely on a daily basis.

My Warranty runs out soon and I need work to be carried out? If your warranty is running out soon, do not panic as many of our Manufacturers have extended warranties in the current climate we are in.  You can find out more by calling the customer care numbers here: Vauxhall Customer Care: 01582721122 - Mazda Customer Care: 03457484848 - Peugeot Customer Care: 08452001234 - They will guide you with further advice.

Can i book a service/MOT/Repair in advance for when you are open? Our service department is closed so it is not possible to book you in at this moment in time, but we hope to be back open soon and we will fit you in when convenient.

My Motability lease expires in the next three months, what will happen if I can’t place an application for a new car? As a valued customer, we know you are going through a time of great uncertainty and worry. Keeping you mobile is our utmost priority. Following the Government’s latest announcement instructing the closure of dealerships, we will automatically apply a six month lease extension to customers who are approaching the end of their lease. There is no need to contact us, as we will automatically extend your lease and you will also automatically receive a Certificate of Motor Insurance or a temporary cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) covering this six-month period. We would hope that at some point we may be in a position to shorten this six-month extension, and will be in contact if we are able to do so.

Can you still supply Part Prices / Repair work quotes? In terms of prices, unfortunately, we can't provide any quotes until we are back open and we apologise for this.

I have a Scheduled Service due, what happens now whilst you are closed? 

Vauxhall Customers can continue to use their vehicles providing that the required maintenance is performed within 3 months or 1,800 miles of the specified service intervals.

Mazda Customers have an extension for scheduled maintenance until 30 May or 3,000km.  This also includes body inspections, 12 year warranty/perforation. This 'Applocable Period'  WILL NOT impact your warranty coverage, MC Goodwill or DSA.

Peugeot Customers also have an extention for their Service Schedule by up to 3 months / 1800 miles, to cover any cases where vehicles cannot be serviced in accordance with the original service schedule. Please ensure you contact us when we are reopen to book in.  We can't book you in until we are back open,

To find full Motability Frequently Asked Questions please click on the link, which will direct you to their official page:  Click here >>

Will My Vauxhall Warranty/Lifetime be affected if i do not get my service / repair done?

We fully understand that the current restrictions may mean that your scheduled service cannot be performed at the time or mileage required so the Service Schedule will be extended by up to 3 months / 1800 miles. As long as you meet this extended service schedule your warranty will not be affected.

Customers whose vehicles are approaching the end of the manufacturer’s warranty should be reassured that if they experience a defect once the warranty has expired, that would have been detected if the maintenance was performed at the normal time, that these repairs will be accepted by Vauxhall as covered by Warranty.

I have questions regarding my car finance, (Examples: PCP Contracts ending, struggling to make payments and much mrore) who do i speak to?

Vauxhall - If you are a Vauxhall customerplease contact your finance provider directly. If you are a Vauxhall Finance Customer, please visit the Vauxhall Finance website for the latest information.

Mazda - If you have a Mazda on Finance please click here where you will see all Freqently asked finance questions and also a helpline number - Mazda Finance Website

Peugeot - If you have a Peugeot on Finance then please click here for full details regarding freqently asked questions.  Peugeot Finance Website

When will you be open again? We will reopen again when the government advises it is safe to do so.  We are monitoring their guidelines closely and we shall update this page when we have any further information.

Didn't find what you are looking for? Try visiting the Manufacturer COVID-19 Pages below, where you will find more information:

Click Here For Vauxhall's Official Guidelines >>

Click Here For Mazda Official Guidelines >>

Click Here For Peugeot's Official Guidelines >>

Please note -  5-10 Working Days is a rough estimate as we are currently experiencing a high demand in enquiries so please be patient and only contact us if it is urgent and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

We would like to thank our fellow colleagues for their dedication over the last few weeks as we have together navigated our way through this challenge. They have all been amazing and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved.

Everyone please stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you back when we reopen.

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