Vauxhall Air Conditioning Service from FRF in Swansea & Bridgend

Whatever time of year it is, there will be days when your vehicle’s air conditioning system is needed. During the summer you can keep the cabin cool when the sun is shining, and in the winter you will need it to demist the windows before you set off.

Come to FRF Motors for regular air conditioning checks. We have the knowledge and facilities to service, repair, and recharge your vehicle’s system, so that it works at its very best all year round.

Benefits of an air conditioning recharge and service
Making sure the system is working as it should is important for many reasons. An inefficient unit will take longer to heat or cool the cabin, which reduces the vehicle’s fuel economy. An unclean system also releases bacteria into the cabin, causing bad odours – and it can also trigger an allergic reaction.​

When to recharge and service an air conditioning system

Over the course of a year, an air conditioning system will lose around ten percent of its gas. Most manufacturers therefore recommend a recharge every two years. Our skilled technicians remove and replace the old refrigerant gas and oil, thoroughly clean the system, and take a temperature reading to make sure the task has been fully completed.

Alongside a recharge, your vehicle’s unit should be serviced every three years from registration, or at 30,000 miles and then every two years after that. Exact timeframes do vary, so please check with your relevant FRF franchise dealership.

Vauxhall Air Conditioning

How will I know when a service is needed?
There may be times when a service or recharge is needed before the next scheduled interval, so it’s wise to look out for the following signs:

  • Unpleasant odours entering the cabin
  • Windows fogging up when the system is on
  • Water collecting on the floor of the vehicle
  • System doesn’t reach the required temperature
  • Unusual noises coming from the engine or system when switched on
  • Fan/blower doesn’t work
  • Vehicle stalls when the system is switched on
  • Dashboard controls become faulty.

What happens during a recharge service?
Our thorough air conditioning recharge service cleans, charges and checks the entire system before your vehicle is returned. The steps we take are as follows.

  • Gases and moisture are removed by vacuuming the entire system
  • The system is vacuum checked for leaks
  • PAG oil is added to lubricate the unit
  • If authorised, dye is added as a further check for leaks
  • The replacement gas is measured before being charged into the system
  • Running pressures and cabin vent temperatures are checked
  • A final check with an electronic sniffer detects refrigerant leaks.

For more details on a superb value air conditioning recharge and service, please enquire with your nearest FRF Motors dealership. You can also book your vehicle in for a service over the phone or directly in person.

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