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Vauxhall OnStar Now Available at FRF in Swansea & Bridgend.

Available on a wide range of vehicles. Rest assured you are in safe hands with your personal on-board assistant, Vauxhall Onstar.

Vauxhall OnStar is your personal connectivity and service assistant, bringing together a range of advanced features to enhance your entire motoring experience. It connects you with a trained adviser, or the emergency and breakdown services. The service is available all day, every day, should you ever require assistance. The technology also acts as your own integrated WiFi hotspot to engage with online services when you’re on the road.

Available across the new Vauxhall range, OnStar is the first technology of its kind to arrive in Europe in the segment. With the Vauxhall Service Centre reachable by phone or a smartphone app, you can connect wherever you are.

Models available with Vauxhall OnStar

Only available from model year 2016

Corsa: Limited Edition
Limited Edition (Special Edition Model)
Red Edition (Special Edition Model)
Black Edition (Special Edition Model)

Meriva: SE
Mokka Limited Edition
New Astra: SRi
SRi Nav
Elite Nav
New Astra Sports Tourer SRi
Elite NAV
Limited Edition
Zafira Tourer SE
Tech Line
Insignia Elite
Elite Nav
Limited Edition
Insignia Sports Tourer Limited Edition
Elite NAV
Insignia VXR Supersport
Sports Tourer
Cascada Elite

How it works...

Vauxhall OnStar


Automatic Crash Response

• Automatic Crash Response activates the moment your airbags inflates.
• OnStar relays your essential vehicle data to the Service Centre, including your exact location, direction of travel, and which crash sensors have been activated.

• Depending on your situation the OnStar advisor will notify the emergency service immediately to set off to the site of the accident if need be.

Wi-Fi Hotspot*

• The extra-powerful OnStar aerial provides a fast and stable internet connection.
• Smartphones, laptops, tablets and more – the 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot supports up to seven devices

Smartphone App

• You can lock and unlock your doors remotely and check your car’s OK
•Or locate your vehicle online if you can’t remember where you lasted parked. Once you’re close to your car, flash the lights and sound the horn to make it easier to find.

• Download your destination to your satellite navigation system so you are prepared for your journey*
• The app also checks the oil life, tyre pressures and fuel levels too.


Stolen Vehicle Assistance

• Once you report the theft to the police, your OnStar advisor can use the report number the police give you to launch the search for your car

• OnStar provides the police with your Vauxhall’s position so that it can be found
• OnStar can remotely block the ignition to prevent your car being restarted


Vehicle Diagnostics

• You can ask OnStar to remotely check some of the key systems of your car like engine, transmission, emissions or airbags

• At your request, OnStar will send you a monthly e-mail that helps keep an eye on your car. The e-mail lists vital data such as oil life, tyre pressure and the health of some of the key vehicle systems


Destination Download

• Use the Blue Service Button to contact your OnStar advisor. They will locate your destination and send the

address to your Vauxhall’s navigation system**

* = Vauxhall OnStar is included within the price of the vehicle for 12 months or 36 months with a Motability vehicle. With years two and three via Motability WiFi conenction will be an additional cost. ** = A factory fitted Vauxhall 'Navi' satellite navigation system is required for this service. Not available on VIVA, ADAM or Corsa Models. OnStar is only available on vehicles built 2016MY onwards.


OnStar FAQs

  • Which models offer Vauxhall OnStar?
    The technology comes as standard with higher trim levels for most Vauxhall cars. Please speak to an FRF Vauxhall adviser for exact details.
  • How can I start using Vauxhall OnStar?
    First, you need to register for the service and activate its functions. You can request an email invitation to register online, or simply press the Vauxhall OnStar service button in the car to speak with an adviser.
  • Can I unsubscribe from Vauxhall OnStar?
    Yes. You can do so online by accessing your Vauxhall OnStar account and unsubscribing there. You can also press the service button and ask for assistance from an adviser.
  • Can I add Vauxhall OnStar to my current Vauxhall?
    No. The technology is only available in selected new Vauxhall cars.
  • Does Vauxhall OnStar work abroad?
    Yes. You can enjoy the benefits of OnStar in 31 European countries. Please note that WiFi connectivity may vary across locations.
  • What happens if I need emergency assistance but don’t have a phone signal?
    Don’t worry, the car’s powerful antenna attracts a stronger signal than your phone, even in remote areas.
  • Can I choose my own roadside assistance provider through Vauxhall OnStar?
    No, as the service is based around Vauxhall Assistance, the manufacturer’s own emergency service and roadside recovery provider.
  • What emergencies can OnStar help me with?
    Whether you breakdown or require medical assistance, OnCar and its SOS button can be used to ask for support. You can even use it to report an accident you have seen on the road.
  • Is Vauxhall OnStar free?
    After registering your vehicle’s OnStar services you can activate your free trial of the service. Once this period ends, services will be charged for.
  • Which mobile devices can I access the OnStar app from?
    The OnStar app is part of the My Vauxhall app, and can be downloaded to devices powered by Android and iOS.
  • What data does Vauxhall OnStar collect?
    Only data you share is collected by Vauxhall OnStar, such as:
    • Name, address and email
    • Security details such as a PIN and emergency contacts
    • Vehicle data including mileage, tyre pressure, odometer, oil and fuel levels, and diagnostics
    • Vehicle location for the Destination Download, stolen vehicle assistance and emergency services functions.
  • How do I access WiFi via OnStar?
    In the same way you would connect to your home WiFi. All you need to do is search for the vehicle hotspot and enter the password when prompted.

Enquire with FRF Vauxhall in Swansea or Bridgend today to find out more about Vauxhall OnStar. To explore each model with the technology, please click through to the new Vauxhall car pages.

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