Is finance right for me when buying a Vauxhall car?

Drivers who come to FRF Motors for a Vauxhall car benefit from a range of flexible, cost-effective finance options as versatile as the manufacturer's model line-up. These choices include Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP) amongst others, giving you the freedom to select the best possible terms to suit you.

These choices are available across the Vauxhall vehicle range, including with the ADAM, Corsa, Mokka, Ampera and more. We support motorists in finding both the car and the payment method that's best suited to their circumstances.

Finance may be the better option if you feel you will struggle to arrange personal financing on the vehicle you want. As a main dealer, we will make the arrangements and take care of the paperwork. The car is also the security on the finance plan, so your personal credit is not affected.

In comparison to taking out a bank loan to pay for the vehicle, a monthly finance plan may cost you less over the same length of time. As you set the deposit amount, interest rate, monthly payments and agreement length with us at the outset, there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Signing a car finance agreement with us ensures you a reliable, safe vehicle and peace of mind in the finance terms. Drivers who choose PCP, for example, are able to quickly and simply switch vehicles should they wish.

The video below provides more detail on Vauxhall car finance options, and you can also learn more at our FRF Motors Vauxhall dealerships in Bridgend and Swansea.