What is Personal Contract Purchase for Vauxhall cars?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is just one of the car finance plans available from FRF Motors Vauxhall. It can often work out to be more affordable for individual drivers over the length of the agreement.

After deciding on a Vauxhall car – such as the Mokka, Corsa, Astra or Zafira - you can always change your mind. PCP terms make it simple to decide on a new vehicle at a later date and enjoy it under a new PCP agreement.

The deposit and interest amounts, as well as the monthly payments, will be discussed with you beforehand and set with your approval. A final optional payment, based on the Minimum Guaranteed Future Value of the car, is deferred to the end of the term.

There is further flexibility at the end of the term, as drivers have three options. Make the final optional payment and take ownership, return the car, or use it in part exchange for a new Vauxhall on a new PCP agreement.

More information on Personal Contract Purchase can be found in the following video, or during an appointment with a car finance specialist at FRF Motors Vauxhall in Bridgend and Swansea.


When you choose Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance, at the end of the finance agreement you have three choices:

  1. Retain the vehicle: Pay off the Guaranteed Future Value (also called the Optional Final Payment) and own the car.
  2. Return the vehicle: Hand the car back to the finance company and start again.
  3. Replace the vehicle: With a brand new car, using any equity you have as a deposit.