What is Hire Purchase for Vauxhall cars?

Come to FRF Motors for a stylish and confident Vauxhall car, and you also have access to Hire Purchase (HP) agreements as just one of our range of car finance options. HP is designed as a flexible choice, and the terms of the agreement can be easily adjusted and set with one of our experts.

You make a deposit based on your budget, which is followed by monthly payments for the length of the term – usually somewhere between 12 and 48 months. If you are able to make a higher deposit, this reduces the rest of your repayments. As this monthly amount is not fixed, you have the freedom to overpay when you're able. Interest is charged, and this will be established at the outset.

During the agreement, you are not yet the legal owner of the vehicle – this only happens at the end of the term, when all payments have been made. You can pay a lump sum to end the term early and take possession of the car, and we will be happy to arrange this.

The video below explains more about car finance, including how Hire Purchase could be an advantage when selecting a Vauxhall car. Make an appointment at FRF Motors Vauxhall in Bridgend or Swansea to talk through your finance options.