Paying for your Motability Car

Through the Motability Scheme, you swap your weekly mobility allowance for a brand new car. Your lease payments cover all of the costs associated with running a car, including comprehensive vehicle insurance, Vehicle Excise Duty, roadside assistance and routine servicing and maintenance.

This worry-free Contract Hire lease package is covered by your mobility allowance, and with some cheaper models you may have some money left over each week. More expensive models may require you to pay an advance payment which is non-refundable. This covers some of the cost of the car to ensure the weekly mobility allowance payments can pay the balance in three years.

You can no longer get a car through Hire Purchase on the Motability Scheme – instead we are focusing on the all-inclusive Contract Hire lease package detailed above. If you would like more information about leasing and paying for a Motability car, please contact the team in Swansea or Bridgend.

Financial help with the Motability Scheme

With the Motability Scheme, you only have to pay what you can reasonably afford towards a car that is ideally suited to your needs, including adaptations. Your Motability adviser will help you find the best-value option that meets your requirements, and if your mobility allowance covers this or you are able to pay for it yourself then financial help will not be given.

However, if the vehicle you need is beyond your means then there is financial help available. You will have to complete an application form and provide any necessary supporting documentation. Your personal circumstances will be considered so that financial help is given to the people who need it the most.

It is important to remember that financial help is only given at the point of ordering your Motability vehicle. You cannot claim financial help for the car or any adaptations after you take delivery of your new Motability vehicle.

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