Motability Adaptations for your Vauxhall or Mazda

When you order a vehicle from FRF Motors through the Motability Scheme, we can arrange any adaptations you need to be carried out. There is a wide range of modifications available to make your motoring experience easier and more enjoyable, and many of these are available at no extra charge.

Driving Adaptations

Driving adaptations tailor the controls to your needs and many can be added while retaining the original controls, meaning you can share the driving with your family or friends. Hand controls, electronic accelerators and pedal modifications can help with speed control, and there are many different aids to help you steer. Controls for additional functions, such as windscreen wipers and headlights, can also be fitted to the steering wheel.​​

Access Adaptations

Access adaptations make it easier to get in and out of the car. Depending on how much assistance you need, this can involve fitting a swivel seat, transfer plate or an electric person hoist.​

Stowage Adaptations

Stowage adaptations enable you to carry a scooter or wheelchair, with systems such as car boot hoists which remove the need for all heavy lifting. You can also opt to have rooftop storage added to increase your car’s capacity and this can also be installed with an electric hoist to lift the wheelchair into the roof box.

Not all adaptations are available on every model and our Motability experts can advise you on the best cars to choose for the modifications you require.

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