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Contract Hire is a great way to access a brand new car with the peace of mind that comes with a full warranty and no large balloon payments to worry about at the end. It's flexible and straightforward; you simply pay an initial rental and then pay fixed monthly rentals for the duration of your agreement. The price will be dictated in part by the mileage you do. Contract Hire is available for both business and personal drivers. If you're looking for a new vehicle, we can also include the cost of servicing in your package so your monthly outgoings are fixed and predictable.

Business Fleet Contract Hire

Designed to be affordable, convenient, flexible and simple, Mazda Business Contract Hire gives you the benefits of a brand new vehicle without the costs of ownership, and importantly without tying up valuable funds. As a result you avoid the pitfalls of vehicle depreciation, ongoing maintenance (should you opt for a fully maintaned package) and, ultimately, vehicle desposal costs and risks. You choose the package that suits your needs and budget, so you can keep your vehicles in excellent condition, and most importantly, on the road, we do the rest.

A smart way to manafe your vehicle fleet

Not only do you benefit from exclusinve offers and competitive rentals, Mazda Contract Hire is also a cost-effective option that offers our business an additional credit linem and releases funds for other areas of your opeations. You can choose a package that could include full maintanece and servicing which leaves you free to concentrate on managing your business, and spreas some of the running costs over a lease period. Or you can chose a package without car maintenence or servicing that enables you to take control of your own vehile servicing and maintanence when required.

Business Contract Hire Offers

Help your business race ahead with our class-leading Business Contract Hire* offers.