What is Personal Contract Purchase?

You can find a number of different finance plans at FRF Motors, including the freedom and flexibility offered through a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan. PCP allows motorists to pursue their desired vehicle safe in the knowledge that, should another vehicle suit their needs better, it too becomes available through the PCP process.

PCP begins with a deposit, the amount of which will be arranged between you and your dealership. The monthly deposits that follow can also be adjusted depending on your personal circumstances, and the agreement culminates in a final 'balloon' payment.

This final payment is decided upon at the beginning of the process, and makes use of industry data to make a prediction on the future value of your vehicle.

At the end of the PCP process the motorist is given three options. Once the balloon payment is made, the motorist takes full ownership of the car. Alternatively, the car can be given back to the dealership, marking an end to the process. The third option is that the car can be returned to the dealership, but as part-exchange for a new vehicle in a new PCP cycle.

FRF Motors, located in Swansea and Bridgend, offers a number of competitive and dealership-exclusive finance plans. Contact us over the phone or complete our online enquiry form today to talk to our friendly finance specialists, and we will work together to find the finance plan that is right for you.